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Why choose Penfield Window Cleaning?

 Penfield Window Cleaning has teamed up with a local Scientist who has enginered a product not available on the market. This is unique it that it is a "light powered" solution. How it works: When the solution is applied to a window or a mirror and cleaned, it leaves a residue that works with the sunlight to clean the glass and keep it clean longer.  This solution is non-invasive. It will not harm or hurt plants, animals,paint, tinted windows, or even people if ingested. 


Window Cleaning Service

Penfield Window Cleaning has been cleaning windows in the Greater Rochester area for several years. Having your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis is an important part of protecting your home or business investment. Penfield Window Cleaning provides many different types of window cleaning services. These include cleaning interior/exterior, storms, sky windows, and mirrors. As one of Rochester's top window cleaning companys, Penfield Window Cleaning will do any job no matter the size or location. Our commitment to serving our clients  needs is our number one goal.


Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a very important part of upkeep on one's home that needs to be done at least annually.  Without proper maintenance a home owners gutters can be their worst nightmare. Water overflow can flood basements and cause serious havoc on the foundation. Our job is to prevent this! Penfield Window Cleaning will remove all debris from all gutters and down spouts in a neat manner with 100% satisfaction.


Pressure Washing

Penfield Window Cleaning's commercial grade Pressure washer will revitialize any vinyl, aluminum, or masonry on a home or building. Pressure washing will take off the dirt, grime and mildew which can collect on your home’s siding and if not cleaned, not doing this can cause costly renovations or replacements. We remove these contaminates by using high pressure water which is environmentally safe while cleaning all types of surfaces. We also pressure wash patios, decks, truck flleets, and driveways.  Our customers love the fresh new sparkling looks of their home, and can enjoy it on the outside once again. 



Chandeliers are beautiful pieces of art that make a dramatic impression to visitors. In order for them to retain their beauty, they must be maintained regularly. If your chandeliers lack the shine they once had, call Penfield Window Cleaning and we will bring back the sparkle to your beautiful modern or antique chandeliers as if they were new again.

Fleet Cleaning

Penfield Window Cleaning provides fleet cleaning services for commercial and private fleets on-site at the customer’s location. There’s no need to wait in line at the truck wash when Fleet Clean’s mobile truck washing services can come to you. Learn more about Fleet Washing.