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ResizedImage951366396702247In 2008 a former Penfield High School alumni, Chris Valerio, had become a new graduate from Niagara University with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. However, he found himself like many other recent graduates having trouble finding a job in his field at the start of the US economic downturn. Though times were down, Chris went back to his natural business roots from previously owning a hot dog cart while in college, and started another business endeavor which has blossomed into a thriving locally run small business.  Penfield Window Cleaning is a fully insured company who strives to exceed customer expectations and guarantees 100% satisfaction. We offer interior and exterior window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, and chandelier cleaning. All estimates are free! Our teams are qualified individuals who will provide exceptional service with attention to quality and detail. Penfield Window Cleaning is proud to be a locally born company who services the Rochester community and is proud to have a positive impact on economic growth. When it comes to superior services “The Choice is Clear”.